The role of colour

When chosen thoughtfully and strategically, colours can enhance brand identity, improve user experience and communication with your audience.

What feelings come to mind when you look at the colour bars above?

For many, they will probably evoke warm feelings of summer and free time, perhaps vacations by the sea.

Colours are powerful triggers of our subconscious

The influence of colour is deep and powerful, often subconsciously shaping a perception in the viewer. Colours evoke specific emotions and perceptions that can be used to develop an emotional resonance for a brand or online presence. Colours become synonymous with the brand’s personality and values, enhancing memorability and loyalty.

Colour’s power goes beyond aesthetics by deeply impacting user experience. Correct colour choices will ensure readability and aid navigation, while still engaging the viewer. Together with typography, layout and space, colours establish a visual hierarchy, guiding users’ attention to important elements. Bold colours highlight calls-to-action or crucial information, guiding users through the design’s intended flow.

Harmony and emotional tone

A harmonized colour scheme enhances credibility, professionalism and can help set the right emotional tone. You expect to see bright and bold colours on a web shop selling electronics, but a homepage for a therapist would require a more relaxing and reflective colour scheme.

Now, returning to the colour bars above: do they evoke the same feelings in everyone? 

No they do not since our perceptions based on colours are heavily influenced by our culture, experiences, and geographical location. Understanding these cultural associations is essential to ensure that your visuals are relevant, effective, and sensitive to the audience they are intended for.

Summing up

Colour plays a pivotal role in design, communicating, and shaping perceptions. Its importance in an online project should never be underestimated and it’s essential to set aside enough time to explore different options. Thoughtful colour choices can elevate any online presence.

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