Espandinavia provides a focal point for its members to keep informed, meet, and engage through events and cultural offerings organised by the association and other parties in the region.

We wanted a website that would reflect the spirit of our association and of our countries, the country of birth and the host country.

Lupa has captured our idea perfectly. Our website is a combination of Danish elegance and sobriety and the warmth and passion for everything Spanish.

Espandinavia logo
Ana Belén Martin
Secretary of Espandinavia


Espandinavia needed to create a community website with a friendly and engaging feel like a magazine / news format. The website shall include news, reviews, blog posts, social and cultural events, clubs, video, podcasts and interviews. It shall be simple and intuitive to navigate and be made available in both Spanish and in Danish.


The website complements and reinforces the social media presence of Espandinavia as an overall promotion strategy.

It also serves as the online focal point for the community for Spanish-related cultural events in the Jutland region and a source of information for matters that concern the community.

DESIGN, LOOK and FEEL is designed to feel like a magazine / news format where the colour scheme, logo and imagery transmit a dynamism from the interactions between the Danish and Spanish communities as a key element of the association.

The website allows ordering of free and paid tickets for the wide range of events on offer.


  • Dynamically generated content
  • Events and ticket management
  • Responsive design for desktop/tablet/smartphone
  • Social Media integration
  • Multi language


  • Content Distribution Network [CDN]
  • Performance optimised
  • SEO optimised
  • Powered by Lupa hosting

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