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RAAL is an architectural studio based in Spain and with a strong connection to Denmark where professional practice, research and education are given equal importance.
We are really impressed with the website Lupa produced for the studio. It is much better than the idea we envisioned in our preliminary discussions and our clients congratulate us for its clarity and ease of navigation.
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Nacho Ruiz Allen
Architect and Founder RAAL arquitectura


RAAL wanted their projects to be accessed and showcased in an intuitive and inviting way. Each project type requires customized and specific information that gives credit to all the contributors on the project. The website should also include RAAL’s awards, publications, exhibitions, and academic works in a clear way.All content is in Spanish and English and RAAL shall be able to add, maintain and manage their projects themselves.


We agreed with RAAL to develop a minimalist design would put their projects front and centre stage. To have full control over all the content, creating the right structure for each project type is critical, as is defining the relationships between projects.RAAL were heavily involved in the development process from the beginning to the end, trying out the content management system early on so that the right design decisions were taken together.


The main project page uses simple filtered tiles that are ordered randomly to give the site a fresh feel.Each project contains a gallery of high-quality images that are showcased in a lightbox so that floor plans and technical drawings can be displayed in full size.The monochrome interface with gold highlights creates more impact for the project images. RAAL’s awards, publications, exhibitions, and academic works are displayed in a resume format.


The overall look and feel strongly reflects the feel of a presentation for architectural project. The minimalist experience is achieved by displaying as few elements as possible at any one time, with icons that provide visual cues in an interface that is intuitive, yet unobtrusive and stylish. This is also reflected in the simple black and white RAAL logo.


  • Dynamically generated content
  • Content Management System [CMS] for client
  • Responsive design
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Social Media integration
  • Multi language support


  • Content Distribution Network [CDN]
  • SEO optimised
  • Load time optimised

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